The Platform for Retrieval Augmented Generation

Everything you need for a better RAG pipeline

Retrieval Data Platform

A hassle-free retrieval service platform with easy-to-manage data sources.

Intelligent Retrieval Agents

Specialized retrieval agents equipped for your complex LLM tasks.

Improved Embedding Model

Embedding model evaluation, selection and fine-tuning service for your data.

Easy-to-Manage Data Sources

Retrieval Data Platform

Unlock easy-to-manage retrieval data management service with our platform. Simplify your processes and maintain data integrity at every step.

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API Data

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Hassle-free Deployment

Retrieval API & SDK

Our API, coupled with a versatile Python SDK, empowers users to retrieve data effortlessly and integrate it seamlessly into your RAG workflows and AI applications.

Retrieval API
Experience fast and reliable data retrieval with our API. Ideal for seamless integrations and retrieve data on-demand.
Python SDK
Enhance your Python AI projects with our SDK. Simplified data retrieval, optimized for a seamless development experience.
pip install vectifyai

    import vectifyai as V
    vc = V.Client(api_key='Vectify API key')
    results = vc.retrieve(query='What is RAG?', top_k=5, sources=['my_source'])


Superior RAG Performance with Retrieval Agents

Advanced Retrieval Agents

In addition to the classic semantic search, our RAG platform integrates innovative state-of-the-art retrieval agents, offering superior accuracy and efficiency.

Multi-strategy Retrieval Agent
Our Multi-strategy Agent excels in handling complex queries, effectively re-ranking and merging multiple retrieved lists to deliver high-recall retrieval results with fewer context tokens.
Semantic & Metadata Hybrid Search Agent
By integrating detailed document-level metadata, our retrieval service is capable of processing natural language queries with a nuanced blend of semantic understanding and exact meatdata filtering.

Enhanced Performance with Customized Embedding Model

Embedding Model Evaluation and Fine-tuning

We provide a systematic solution for embedding models evaluation, selection and fine-tuning on your in-house data with or without labels, delivering significantly improved efficiency and accuracy with a big margin.

Demo: Exploring Vectify's Fine-Tuning Techniques for Customer Financial Data